Cloud computing set to revolutionise African IT industry

8 February 2012

Abby Wakama, Publisher and Executive Editor for, was discussing cloud's future on the continent in the build-up to presenting at the Cloud Computing World Forum Africa, to be held in Johannesburg on 8th May 2012.

Despite the hype, cloud computing is still in the earliest form of adoption for many nations across the globe, with its potential being hampered by a number of infrastructure issues, such as broadband availability.

And while these issues are most prominent across large portions of the African continent, Abby Wakama is confident that current changes being made will allow cloud services to have a huge role in improving regional business opportunities.

"Cloud Computing is changing the way companies do business. It enables them to move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, thus offering an affordable way to access services.

"We are beginning to see the fruits of the proliferation submarine fibre optic cables that were laid in the last 2-3 years. The cost of broadband is dropping, there's a lot more competition, penetration is growing at an alarming rate; and African entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of this welcome development by providing apps and services that were impossible to contemplate just 5 years ago."

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Cloud Computing World Forum Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa - May 8, 2012

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