China, South Africa solar energy deal 'agreed'

26 August 2010

New solar panels are to be produced in South Africa after a Chinese firm signed a contract to boost the country's energy infrastructure.

Suntech Power Holdings, the largest solar panel manufacturer in China, will produce devices with up to 100 MW capacity, improving South Africa's environmental credentials

The move is one of several being undertaken between the two countries, which will see energy, power transmission and rail transport skills and materials exchanged over the next few years.

Charles Yont, analyst at investment group CLSA, said the move is good news for Suntech, adding: "This [deal] highlights that there are so many markets that are completely off the radar screen for people who follow the sector, South Africa being one of them."

The Daily Nation recently suggested that Kenya's energy self sufficiency could be set to be improved by biofuels, which could cut the country's overdependence on imported crude oil and refined fuel.

Categories: Transport, Energy

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