China plans African clean energy investments

8 June 2011

China has revealed its plans to build 100 clean energy projects on the African continent, Bloomberg reports.

In its position as the world's biggest maker of solar panels, China plans to build power projects using the devices in 40 African nations, aiming to cut the continent's reliance on fossil fuels and open a new market for manufacturers.

The program, which may require about $100 million (£61 million) of investment, will use competitive bidding and Chinese-made panels, said Sun Guangbin, secretary-general of photovoltaic products at the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.

"China needs emerging markets to purchase their solar products, and Africa could be one of them," Sun said.

"This month, we'll begin investigating in Africa to determine a suitable project in each country, such as installing solar panels on the roofs of schools and hospitals."

The country is branching into clean energy after investing $10 billion in Africa last year, where its traditional targets have been oil, minerals and construction.

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