CANARAIL strengthens its position in East Africa's economic development

29 March 2012

Canada Wire - March 28, 2012

Press release - MONTREAL: CANARAIL announced the signing of a contract worth over $4M, funded primarily by the African Development Bank, through the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RPPA), that represents Rwanda's, Burundi's and Tanzania's transportation ministries for the implementation of the second phase of the major railway study project, the Dar Es Salaam-Isaka-Kigali / Keza-Musongati.

The project consists of the construction of a new railway line between Isaka (Tanzania), Kigali (Rwanda) and Musongati  (Burundi), and includes the upgrading of existing infrastructure between Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) and Isaka.

The project's primary goal is to enable an increase in freight transport, and possibly passengers, while ensuring the network's financial sustainability and promoting the development of the mining sector. This sector is growing quickly in the region, and is attracting a great deal of interest at an international level. The project will also help to reduce transportation costs for goods between Rwanda and Burundi.


Category: Transport

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