Cameroon gains extra finance for urban and water development scheme

31 December 2010

Cameroon has signed a financing agreement with the World Bank which will allow an urban and water development project to progress in the country.

Under the plans for the scheme, it is expected that the sustainability and capacity for managing and developing water supply services will be improved, while there will also be increased access to infrastructure and services among the local population.

A grant made up of three components had already been agreed by the World Bank, but a further $28.7 million (£18.5 million) is now to be provided to allow the work to be completed successfully.

"The original project development objective remains the same - to support the government of Cameroon to increase access of the urban population, particularly those living in low-income settlements to basic infrastructure and services, including water supply," a statement from the financier explained.

Earlier this month, the World Bank also agreed to support two infrastructure projects in Egypt - one related to the modernisation of irrigation and the other aimed at restructuring the country's railway system.

Category: Water

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