Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast strengthen their co-operation

5 January 2010

Minister of the Economy of the Ivory Coast, Charles Koffi Diby, and his counterpart Noël Bembambase have met recently in Ouagadougou to discuss the conclusion of a co-operation treaty.

This involved in particular discussing the construction of a motorway between the capital cities of the two states in order to facilitate the exchange of goods and people and to promote economic development.

According to the press release from the meeting, the two ministers have called for a feasibility study to be carried out, in an amount estimated at 114.3 million Dollars.

A new co-operation arrangement between the two countries is also taking shape in the form of a rail link to facilitate access to the port of Abidjan.

The Ivory Coast wishes to become the point of access by sea for the region, so improving the transit of merchandise across Burkina Faso and Niger, as reported in the daily Les Afriques.<br/>

Categories: Transport

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