Bridge between Senegal and Gambia to be completed soon

11 January 2010

Senegal Head of State Abdoulaye Wade has announced a project to construct a bridge between his country and Gambia at a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

He has held two meetings with his Gambian counterpart Yahya Jammeh, in the course of which they agreed on the construction of a bridge on the River Gambia, with management of the project being carried out by Gambia.

The President also announced the construction of a large river-ocean port at the mouth of the River Senegal.

With regard to the supply of drinking water, Mr. Wade has announced that an agreement on a concession is going to be arranged with a private company, in order to ensure more effective management of water resources.

He likewise asked the government to debate the question of the desalination of sea water, proposing the establishment of a desalination plant at Saint-Louis in order to provide the region with drinking water and electricity.<br/>

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