Barthi Airtel extending to Seychelles and Gabon

20 August 2010

Telephone operators Bharti Airtel announced on 16 August 2010 its intention of investing ten million Dollars over three years in the Seychelles, in a number of IT infrastructure projects.

Bharti Airtel have in fact just acquired the Seychelles operator Telecom Seychelles Limited, for an amount of 62 million USD.

The operators are likewise going to invest a sum of 34 million Dollars in a submarine cable project 2,000 km long, between the Seychelles and Dar es Salam, the Seychelles East Africa Submarine cable (SEAS).

This will in particular allow for the development of the Internet 3G mobile technology, as well as Wifi services.

Bharti Airtel are likewise intending to extend to Gabon. The Assistant General Director, Manoj Kohli, met with the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo, on 4 August last to discuss the matter.

“We also discussed our plans for expansion, in such a way as to cover the smallest localities in the country as well as the major communications routes in Gabon”, he stated, quoted by the daily Gabon eco.

Categories: ICT

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