Algeria: New measures announced to promote ICT development

30 March 2011

Last weekend in Algiers, the minister for Post and Information Technologies (TIC) organised a conference on the role of ICT companies in the creation of jobs.

Moussa Benhamadi announced that new measures concerning the ICT sector will be submitted to the government.

He explained that the government wanted to invite ICT operators to get more involved in the national economy through the installation of factories, knowledge transfer and training, pointing out that the companies which did not invest would not be entitled to public funding.

"We think it is wrong for the State to continue to invest to create a market for the benefit of constructors who are happy to supply equipments manufactured elsewhere, with no transfer of technology, and without creating jobs locally, said Mr. Benhamadi, whose speech was reported by the newspaper La Tribune.

The newspaper Le Maghreb pointed out that in its view, the priority actions of the government relate to accelerating the use of ICT in administration, enterprises, education and community areas.

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