Algeria: National call for tenders for construction of gas transport infrastructures

18 May 2011

A national call for tenders for the realization of alignment studies for gas supply systems in Algeria has just been launched by the Electricity and Gas Engineering company (CEEG).

The project concerns the installation of over 2,200 km of pipeline, designed to supply gas to 341 localities across the country, situated in 24 wilayas, reports the newspaper La Tribune.

These are the regions of Boumerdes, Ouargla, Ghardaïa and Biskra, Bouira, Chlef, Tissemsilt, Mostaganem, Mila, Souk Ahras, Jijel, Oum El Bouagh, Tébessa, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Skikda, Annaba, El Tarf, Blida, Médéa, Naâma and Tiaret.

The Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG) estimates that by 2019, domestic demand for gas will reach over 55 billion cubic metres.

This represents an annual increase of about seven percent, in comparison with the year 2009, reports the news site Algerie360.

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