Algeria: Minister of Public Works announces more than 3,000 projects

23 October 2009

Some 3,200 projects are going to be carried out in the public works sector between 2010 and 2014, as announced this week in Algiers by the Minister responsible for the sector, Mr. Amar Ghoul.

“While the period 2005-2009 was that in which we pushed ahead with our highways, the next five years will be that of the further development and modernisation of the national highway network, in line with the master plan for the sector”, he stated at a working meeting.

The construction of a motorway on the high plateaux is also among the plans, as well as a large number of maintenance projects for the highway network, which extends over 112,039 km.

Mr. Ghoul also stated that the east-west motorway, at an overall cost of 11 billion Dollars, will go into service in the course of 2011.

A number of energy infrastructure projects are likewise planned, as is the construction of solar-powered generating plants in the south of the country.

Apart from this twelve foreign companies have been retained for the projects involving a new petroleum refinery in Tiaret and the upgrading of that in Algiers, as the Minister of Energy and Mines announced on Monday.<br/>

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