African countries to get money for energy projects

3 December 2010

Nine countries in Africa are to benefit from a project that will improve the energy infrastructure of the continent.

The 280 million Kenyan shilling (£2.3 million) scheme will see the nations make efficient use of biomass-based energy for cooking, lighting and powering machines, Business Daily Africa reports.

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Benin, Gambia, South Africa and Mozambique will all be participating.

"Despite its social, economic and environmental importance, investments in biomass energy makes up less than four per cent of energy access expansion projects," said Johannes Zutt, the World Bank country director for Kenya.

In Kenya, it is hoped 3,000 people will start to adopt bio fuels for their energy needs.

And Mr Zutt believes this type of energy will continue to play an important role in the sub-Saharan Africa region for decades.

It comes after Reuters recently revealed Tanzania's energy infrastructure will be improved by a $2 million (£1.3 million) investment in a hydro plant.

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