Africa 'should not copy energy infrastructures'

25 August 2009

Africa should not follow the examples of China, India and US by investing in carbon-intensive energy infrastructure, it has been claimed.

This is the view of human rights activist and economic policy analyst Mavuto Bamusi, explained Malawi's the Daily Time.

"Africa should not participate in committing such environmental crimes. It would be counterproductive," he was quoted in the newspaper as saying.

However, the publication pointed out the current electricity capacity across the continent is not enough to encourage industrial growth, adding the use of fossil fuels in Europe helped its industry expand.

It also noted Africa does not produce the technologies needed for greener energy, meaning billions would have to be spent on importing equipment to ensure power was environmentally-friendly.

The newspaper concluded by explaining some people are now calling for easier access to green technologies by making import tax regimes less strict.

Other newspapers published by the same group responsible for the Daily Times include the Sunday Times and Malawi News.

Categories: Energy

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