Africa 'needs infrastructural investment in water'

13 September 2010

Africa needs between $30 billion (£20 billion) and $50 billion of investment annually in order to improve its water supply.

This is according to the African Development Bank and Ali Kies, director of its water and sanitation department, noted there are a number of challenges facing the continent in order to attract this level of interest, IPS reports.

The specialist remarked the best way to improve the capital being set aside for the issue is to make it more appealing to investors.

Mr Kies said Senegal and South Africa in particular have made great strides in achieving the Millennium Development Goals - which are eight international targets that have to be met by 2015.

Buyelwa Sonjica, South Africa's minister of water and environmental affairs, remarked the infrastructure in Africa is not being enhanced at a quick enough pace.

"We need to build, extend or refurbish our water delivery systems," she remarked.

It comes after it was announced projects carried out in Sudan by the World Bank have helped in rebuilding the country.

Category: Water

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