ADF 'will invest in green energy infrastructure'

7 September 2010

The African Development Fund (ADF) has committed to investing in green energy to contribute towards tackling climate change.

Bobby Pittmann, vice-president of infrastructure, private sector and regional integration (OVIP) for the African Development Bank, explained there will be a "strong replenishment" of the ADF to allow this to occur.

"Africa has done very little to contribute to global climate change problems, however, both the public and private sectors in Africa are keen to contribute to the solution," Mr Pittmann stated.

He revealed there are energy efficiency and renewable energy targets that should enable low-carbon economic growth across the continent.

Examples of where this can occur include solar power, wind and geothermal projects, among other initiatives.

But Mr Pittmann noted it is vital there are adequate resources and finance in place for this to take place.

OVIP's mission is to allow infrastructure, water and sanitation developments to proceed by contributing and deploying the correct funds. 

Categories: Energy

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