ADB 'improved infrastructure' of Africa in 2010

13 January 2011

The African Development Bank Group (ADB) has targeted infrastructural developments over the past 12 months.

It noted over $2 billion (£1.3 billion) has been invested in improving the transport systems currently in place in Africa.

This includes over $400 million, which will be used to increase the capacity of the Tangier-Marrakesh railway line - the largest amount of money ever given by the group to a project in Morocco.

As well as this, $700 million has been given towards enhancing water infrastructure in the continent, as access to a safe and drinkable form of the liquid was prioritised.

"By targeting the infrastructure, ADB shows how it prioritises projects with big impact to establish a secure environment conducive to private sector investment, increased competitiveness and productivity," the organisation observed.

A further $500 million was given for public-private partnerships, while $1.2 billion was set aside to help carry out energy projects.

Categories: General, Water, Transport, Energy

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