A whole range of railway projects in Algeria

15 October 2009

Financing to the tune of 80 billion Dollars has been allocated by the Algerian state to projects involving railway construction and infrastructure upgrades in Algeria.

This means that six new railway lines will be built between Oued Smar and Gué de Constantine, Mohammedia-Béchar, and Ain Touta-M’sila, BBA and M’sila, BBA and Sétif, and Beni Mansour-Béjaia.

As well as this, sixteen other projects are under way in Algeria and a dozen others are at the study stage, as Mr. Belkadi points out, General Director of the national agency for the design and supervision of performance of railway infrastructures. This crop of projects has caused some concern in the Algerian private transport sector, who are afraid that the competition may prove too fierce

Hocine Bouraba, President of the National Organization of Algerian Transport Contractors, told the newspaper La Tribune that “lines have been and are still open on routes where there is already an excess of bus resources”.<br/>

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