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Fossil fuels dominate African energy investment


A study has found that 60% of international public finance in African energy goes to fossil fuels, compared to just 18% to cleaner alternatives. Are wealthy countries offshoring emissions?

Chinese 'will have to manage risks' as investors pour more cash into China


African Development Bank chief denies nations have been pushed into a debt trap but says they should take ownership of deals.

UK’s ambition to invest in Africa is an opportunity for blended finance


The UK government's pledge to generate up to £8bn of public and private investment in Africa is the latest example of a trend where governments are turning to innovative finance, mobilising the private sector to make their development funds achieve larger impact.

China raises fears of 'new colonialism' with $60bn investment across Africa


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday pledged $60 billion in financing for projects in Africa in the form of assistance, investment and loans, as China furthers efforts to link the continent's economic prospects to its own.

China’s Xi Pledges $60 Billion Toward Africa’s Development, Waives Some Debt


China’s President Xi Jinping pledged $60 billion in financing for Africa’s development and waived some debt owed by the continent’s poorest countries, batting away criticism that Chinese investments may be exacerbating a looming African debt crisis.

China pledges $60bn for Africa as Xi rejects 'debt trap' claims


Xi Jinping, China’s president, has pledged $60bn for African development over the next three years while countering criticism that Beijing is trying to ensnare African governments in a debt trap.

For African Countries, China Forum Provides Shot at Better Deals


While US politicians are ringing alarms about over-reliance on Chinese financing, analysts who study Sino-Africa relations see fresh opportunities for African leaders to negotiate deals that better serve their countries’ interests.

‘No strings attached’ to Africa investment, says China’s Xi


Chinese President Xi Jinping told African leaders on Monday that China's investments on the continent have "no political strings attached" and are not for “vanity projects”, even as Beijing is increasingly criticised over its debt-heavy deals abroad.

Should Africa be wary of Chinese Debt?


African countries have shown a healthy appetite for Chinese loans but some experts now worry that the continent is gorging on debt, and could soon choke.

African water infrastructure growth slows while other sectors improve


Infrastructure growth in Africa has been seen mainly in the ICT and energy sectors while the water supply and sanitation sector is still lagging behind.

British Expertise Boosts Innovative Solar Technologies Across Africa


UK aid will help over 11 million people living off the grid access clean energy. UK aid is supporting the growth of innovative solar technology companies which are providing clean energy to off-grid households in Africa.

Africa needs ICT to fast-track development – Dlamini-Zuma


Any African country interested in making progress should follow the Rwandan model and invest in a wall-to-wall ICT infrastructure to facilitate e-governance, or risk being left behind.

UK pledges £300m for power, roads and water infrastructure in Africa


The UK has pledged to provide new investment of up to £300 million to build essential infrastructure such as power, roads and water in Africa.

China is winning the new scramble for Africa. Brexit could change that.


By leaving the EU, the UK will soon have the freedom to make new alliances — no longer bound by its role as the most reluctant member of a 28-nation bloc. The opportunity is to treat African nations as partners and equals, not as risks or charity cases.

Solar Startups are Plugging Africa's Energy Gap


Africa has emerged as a hotbed for solar investment. In the last three years, solar has been one of the most popular sectors for development institutions and private sector investors targeting areas with significant potential for social and economic returns.

China and Africa are Deepening Mutual Infrastructure Cooperation


China and Africa have, in recent years, made important progress from a batch of big projects thanks to their mutual efforts in expanding cooperation fronts and deepening collaboration in infrastructure construction.

South Africa Drops Nuclear, Adds Renewables in Energy Plan


South Africa has dropped proposals to boost supply from nuclear plants in its latest energy blueprint will increasingly harness renewable sources as it trims a reliance on coal.

The Chinese Model is Failing Africa


After more than a decade of vaulting growth in trade, finance and investment, China’s weighty engagement is jeopardising future development prospects in Africa.

China aims for ‘sustainable’ debt with Africa as Belt and Road Initiative comes under fire from West


Beijing will adopt a more sustainable model for debt with African countries, a senior Chinese official said in an apparent bid to address growing criticism of the country’s global infrastructure drive.

UK launches ambition to generate billions more investment in Africa to trigger transformational growth


The UK aims to generate up to £8 billion of vital public and private investment in businesses and infrastructure across Africa, to create jobs and boost growth over the next four years.This includes setting a clear ambition of mobilising £4 billion of private sector investment into the continent by working more closely with the City of London.

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