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Nigeria's oil-for-infrastructure deals 'have failed'


In Nigeria, the oil-for-infrastructure deals failed due to the management of the Obasanjo government, a report has claimed.

The review - A Thirst for African Oil - was published today (August 10th) by Chatham House and examined...

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Official inauguration of a highway project in Gabon


A new trunk road project in Gabon has just been officially launched by the Head of State, Rose Rogombé, in Koulamoutou. The new highway will link La Leyou and Lastourville with the aim of achieving the socio-economical...

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A new electricity project financed by the World Bank in the DRC


A sum of 296.7 million Dollars has been released by the World Bank to finance an electricity project for domestic consumption and export in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to APA.

Among the investments made...

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World Bank emphasises potential of DRC power plant


A power plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) could hold the key to improving the nation via efficient governance and development, it has been claimed.

World Bank president Robert Zoellick is currently touring three...

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How can US companies help Africa's infrastructure?


American companies should be encouraged to look at the practice of building private rail, power and port assets in Africa.

This is the opinion of president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, Rwanda's leader Paul Kagame, Botswana's...

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Strikes could disrupt SA power infrastructure


The power infrastructure in South Africa (SA) could face huge disruptions due to workers going on strike.

If the National Union of Mineworkers' (NUM) 16,000 employees at the country's largest electricity firm Eskom do not receive...

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“Pro-routes” officially launched in the DRC


A major highway upgrade project in the DRC has just been launched in Kisangani, on Saturday, 1 August 2009, in the presence of British Ambassador Nick Kay and Bongeli Emile, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Reconstruction.


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World Bank chief to visit Africa


President of the World Bank Group Robert B Zoellick is set to visit Africa next week to help encourage more financial support from donors and investors.

Funding urgently needed for the continent during the current economic crisis...

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Zimbabwe: A loan to upgrade electricity infrastructures


A loan of 80 million Dollars has been granted to the Zimbabwe national electricity company, it was learned on Tuesday, 4 August 2009.

The financing was obtained from the Development Bank of Southern Africa, which specialises in...

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Tanzania to receive €385m for infrastructure


Some €385 million (£327.5 million) is to be given to the United Republic of Tanzania via government channels in an effort to provide it with infrastructure and budgetary support.

The European Commission announced this...

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Gabon road project launches


The first phase of a major road project in Gabon was launched today.

Linking Yaounde, Libreville and Brazzaville, the route is the largest of its kind the African Development Bank Group has ever financed.

The organisation will...

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Ten airports soon to be upgraded in Gabon


On 31 July 2009 Prime Minister Paul Biyoghe Mba gave the go-ahead for a major project to upgrade ten airports in Gabon.

The Prime Minister in fact travelled to Lambaréné in order to oversee the official launch of the work.


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Government of Senegal planning new project


A rainwater retention reservoir will be created as from February 2010 in the village of Ndjib Niass, in Senegal.

Minister of the Environment and Reservoirs, Djibo Kâ, made the announcement at the end of last week during a visit...

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