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Germany promotes renewable sources of energy in Senegal


The German government has just made 37.4 billion CFA Francs (83 million Dollars) available to Senegal so as to encourage the development of renewable sources of energy and micro-credit.

The funds will be used to pursue the...

Tunisia invests in the development of solar energy infrastructures


Tunisia has just taken another step forward in the development of its own energy resources, with the signing of the first contract for the sale on credit of coal in the energy sector.

This involves an agreement between the...

Algeria: Sonatrach makes massive investments in energy despite the crisis


Even though the world economy has hardly emerged from the recession, the Algerian petroleum group Sonatrach is pressing ahead with its policy of investing in energy infrastructures.

“The present state of the world economy has...

3G Network to be deployed shortly in Tunisia


Le ministre tunisien ministre des technologies de la communication a dévoilé lors d'une conférence à El Ghazala la mise en place d'un réseau mobile de 2ème et 3ème génération.

The Tunisian Minister of Communications Technologies...

AfDB: $61m loan towards West African fibre optics


The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved a loan of $61 million (£38.1 million) towards the Main One project, which aims to bring better broadband to West Africa.

Cote d'Ivoire, the Canary Islands, Morocco,...

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Upgrading of the highway network between the Congo and Cameroon


The African Development Bank has just approved financing to the amount of 190 million Dollars for a project for upgrading highway infrastructures in the Brazzaville – Yaoundé corridor.

The aim is to facilitate transport and...

Banda: South-to-south bank could aid infrastructure


A bi-regional bank funded by south American and African nations could be a great help to infrastructure development, investment and project finance, Zambian president Rupiah Banda has been quoted by the Times of Zambia as saying....

Categories: General, Energy

Sub-saharan Africa 'has promising biofuels future - with proper infrastructure'


Infrastructure limitations could prevent Africa from realising its full potential as a biofuel production hub, business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan has warned.

Africa's climate and amount of available land...

Categories: Energy

South African water infrastructure plans 'need R70bn'


Growing urbanisation and the widespread eradication of 'bucket systems' in South Africa has led to the need for big investment in bulk water infrastructure, water and environmental affairs minister Buyelwa Sonjica has said....

Categories: Water

Billions 'towards water infrastructure in Kwara'


The rehabilitation of 78 dams and installation of new pipelines is expected to put an end to the water woes of the Kwara state in Nigeria, the governor has said.

Bukola Saraki told reporters the 8.3 billion Naira (£34.5...

Categories: Water

Investment 'should improve Uganda roads'


A $173.1 million (£108.9 million) loan towards a road infrastructure project in Uganda should improve general transport conditions and the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has...

Categories: Transport

125 MW wind farm in Senegal


An ambitious wind farm power generation project will shortly be seeing the light of day at the Taïba Ndiaye site in Senegal.

The station will produce 125 Megawatts (MW), 15 percent of the electricity consumed in Senegal, with...

Tunisia: Several major highway infrastructure projects planned for 2010


A number of highway infrastructure projects are due to be launched as from the beginning of 2010 in the region of Jendouba, in the north-west part of Tunisia, it was learned this week.

This involves major work on 36 km of roads...

Categories: Transport

Nigeria railway project 'revived'


After a three-year hiatus, the final 22 kilometres of railway going from Ovu to Warri in Nigeria is to be revived, the minister of transport has said - but some are calling for a wider scope.

Ibrahim Bio announced the government...

Categories: Transport

Museveni: Transport infrastructure is key


Sub-Saharan Africa must urgently improve the road networks in order to develop, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has told the United Nations.

The General Assembly in New York heard how the continent's progress was heavily...

Categories: Transport

Universal access to electricity for South Africa in 2012?


The South African electricity company Eskom is planning to invest billions of Dollars in its energy infrastructures over the next ten years in order to cover the country’s demand, according to CEO Kannan Lakmmeharan.

“Our aim of...

Categories: Energy

AU: Regional power programmes vital


The infrastructure and energy commissioner for the African Union (AU) has said that power pooling could be a way for the whole continent to overcome energy problems.

In an interview with Reuters in Addis Ababa, Elham Ibrahim...

Categories: Energy

Grant of 20 million Dollars for health improvement project in the Congo


On Wednesday 16th the African Development Bank (BAD/ADB) approved a grant of 20 million Dollars to finance a health improvement project in the cities of Brazzaville and Pointe Noire in the Republic of the Congo.

Initiated by the...

Categories: Water

NSE: Allow us to help diversify electricity sources in Nigeria


The president of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has offered the organisation's expertise and advice to the Nigerian government to help with the diversification and development of the country's energy sources.

Kashim Ali...

Categories: Energy

AfDB: Rwanda water supply project 'to receive second $25m grant'


A programme aimed at improving the supply and sanitation of rural Rwanda's water supply has entered its second phase with the signature of a $25 million (£15.5 million) grant.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) signed the...

Categories: Water

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