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Côte d’Ivoire/International/ Le financement des infrastructures en Afrique a crû de 22 % en 2017 (Consortium pour les infrastructures en Afrique)


Le Consortium pour les infrastructures en Afrique (ICA) annonce que les financements engagés pour le développement des infrastructures en Afrique ont augmenté de 22 % en 2017

Africa Investment Forum : 22% de croissance du financement des infrastructures en Afrique en 2017


Le rapport 2017 du Consortium pour les infrastructures en Afrique révèle que les engagements en faveur du développement des infrastructures sur le continent ont bondi de 66,9 milliards de dollars en 2016 à 81,6 milliards de dollars en 2017.

African infrastructure rises by 22%


The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) has unveiled the 2017 infrastructure development in Africa which it said rose by 22 per cent.

Chinese investment the main driver in Africa’s infrastructure projects – report


A new report by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) has identified China as the biggest single factor driving the higher level of commitments in funding for Africa’s infrastructure development projects.

Le boom du financement des infrastructures en Afrique


Le Consortium pour les infrastructures en Afrique (ICA par acronyme anglais) a annoncé, mercredi 7 novembre 2018, que les financements engagés pour le développement des infrastructures en Afrique ont augmenté de 22 % en 2017.

Africa Investment Forum - Governments, Financiers Discuss Partnership Deals


The 'Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa 2017' report released at the opening of the Africa Investment Forum by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa shows that funding for Africa's infrastructure has grown by 22 per cent.

Funding for Africa’s infrastructure grows by 22%, as Africa Investment Forum opens


Funding commitments to Africa’s infrastructure development rose by 22% in 2017, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa announced today. Published on the first day of the Africa Investment Forum, the ICA’s Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa 2017 report shows that commitments to develop Africa’s infrastructure increased to $81.6bn in 2017 from US$66.9bn in 2016.

Funding for Africa's Infrastructure Grows By 22 Percent (ICA), As Africa Investment Forum Opens


Funding commitments to Africa's infrastructure development rose by 22% in 2017, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) announced today.

East Africa now owes China $29.4 billion in infrastructure loans


East African economies have in the past 10 years borrowed $29.42 billion to grow their transport, communication, manufacturing and energy sectors. The region’s economies are now spending almost 8% of their revenues to service these loans, which analysts say are becoming a burden, especially given that their impact on growth is yet to be seen.

Africa Finance Corporation receives $300 million Chinese loan


The Export-Import Bank of China has agreed to loan the Africa Finance Corporation US$ 300 million to support its financing of African infrastructure projects.

East Africa’s infrastructure investments to hit the US$ 90 billion mark


Investments in the infrastructure sector in East Africa are forecast to reach US $98.8 billion by 2022 - but hurdles to be overcome include high transaction costs, inadequate availability of bankable projects, and limited local capacity for project preparation and tender.

US to counter China with new Africa plan


US President Donald Trump is expected within days to approve an initiative to overhaul the US investment strategy in Africa.

Japan-led meeting of African ministers kicks off in Tokyo with infrastructure at the top of the agenda


Ministers from Japan and over 50 African countries started a two-day meeting in Tokyo on Saturday to discuss the need for quality infrastructure and the challenges in making development more inclusive on the continent, where China’s influence is growing.

Africa seeks new solutions to its infrastructure needs


With an estimated funding deficit of $40 billion a year, private-sector solutions from Africa’s home-grown pension fund industry as well as international insurance firms could help plug the gap.

Africa must look to Eisenhower for inspiration


Infrastructure spending requires the hand of the state to put finance in place.

African Development Bank Supports Ghana’s Renewable Energy Sector with $1.5 Million Grant


The African Development Bank has approved a US$1.5 million grant from to assist Ghana’s s renewable energy investment drive. The grant will support the government’s efforts to overcome technical, financial, regulatory and institutional barriers to scaling-up renewable energy investments in the country.

Africa deserves more optimism and attention from City investors


In Johannesburg last month, the Prime Minister set a new ambition for the UK to be the largest G7 foreign direct investor in Africa by 2022. Achieving that ambition won’t be easy, but for UK investors who are prepared to change their attitudes and look beyond the easy choices, there are great opportunities.

MiDA highlights challenges, opportunities for investing in African infrastructure


New research by Mercer and Mobilizing Institutional Investors to Develop Africa’s Infrastructure (MiDA), finds that organisations should be proactive with their infrastructure investment strategy and should be considering the benefits of investment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nordic Investment Bank is partnering with Afreximbank to bridge the infrastructure deficit in Africa


The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) has signed a 10-year loan programme of €100 million with the African Export-Import Bank to finance various infrastructure projects in African countries.

More internet access is coming to Africa, but the market isn’t always ready for it


While investment in building and maintaining intra-country road networks has been slow in coming, connecting Africa via the internet has lately made more progress.

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