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South Sudan - African Development Bank-Financed Upgraded Juba Power Distribution System Comes Onstream


Source: AfDB

The government of South Sudan on Thursday commissioned a $38 million upgraded power distribution system financed by the African Development Bank to restore reliable electricity supply to Juba’s central business...

Allemagne-Afrique : le programme Compact with Africa à la peine


Source: Le point

Juillet 2017. À l'occasion de la présidence allemande du G20, Angela Merkel lance le programme Compact with Africa, en partenariat avec la Banque mondiale, le Fonds monétaire...

Le Ghana bientôt doté d’un métro aérien


Source: Afrikmag

Le gouvernement ghanéen a récemment signé un accord de concession avec le consortium African Investment SkyTrain pour la construction d’un métro aérien à Accra, rapporte ghanaweb.

L’accord a été signé en marge...

Pont route-rail Brazzaville-Kinshasa : une étape cruciale franchie


Source: adiac-congo

Le projet d’intégration régionale vient d’amorcer une phase décisive, notamment avec la signature entre les deux parties d’un accord bilatéral relatif au financement, à la construction et à...

Uganda and DRC to Improve Infrastructure to Ease Business


Source: voanews 

ENTEBBE, UGANDA - Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo sign agreements to work on key road networks within 24 months, connecting the two countries to ease business. However, security concerns on...

Work on the Brazzaville-Kinshasa rail-road bridge will be launched in 2020 - RFI


Source: RFI.

At the end of his first visit to the Congo, the president of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr Akinwumi Adesina, announced on Sunday.

At the end of his first visit to the Congo, the president of the African...

AIIM Africa infrastructure fund invests in solar systems business


Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) is investing $31m (€27m) for a minority stake in solar systems business to help expand off-grid solar electricity into parts of east and central Africa.

Why private capital can bridge Africa's infrastructure gap - RMB


To date, African nations have relied overwhelmingly on public funding to build their current infrastructure layer. But if Africa ever hopes to bridge its massive infrastructure gap, it needs to let in more private investment.

African Development Bank Group approves $25 million Equity Investment in Fund for Renewable Energy Projects in Africa


The African Development Bank is to invest up to US$ 25 million in the Africa Renewable Power Fund (ARPF), a US$ 250 million private equity fund for renewable energy projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. ARPF will provide equity for the development and construction of 10 to 15 greenfield renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, adding approximately 533MW of installed energy generation capacity from renewable sources in the region.

This is how Africa can pay for its infrastructure gap


Carbon should be priced into infrastructure projects, not only to help protect the environment but also to attract more private money towards filling the world’s one trillion dollar-a year infrastructure gap.

The battle for influence in African infrastructure lending


Infrastructure is key to achieving the robust economic growth, and to enable emerging market economies to make the most of their opportunities.

African Economic Outlook 2019: Africa growth prospects remain steady, industry should lead growth


Africa’s general economic performance continues to recover and GDP growth is projected to accelerate to 4.0 percent in 2019 and 4.1 percent in 2020. But improved macroeconomic and employment outcomes require industry to lead growth, according to the 2019 African Economic Outlook report, launched today by the African Development Bank.

Africa's increasing demand for energy


Africa’s demand for energy is steadily increasing and solutions to meet this growth have become a major concern amongst the energy sector leaders within the continent

China is investing in Africa and that's a good thing


China is Africa's biggest trade partner and is helping to develop the continent's infrastructure.

Investors are fearful of risk in African infrastructure. They shouldn't be.


Is there an overblown perception of risk when it comes to investing in Africa’s infrastructure? Some institutional investors are beginning to bet that attractive risk-adjusted returns can be had from Africa’s burgeoning population, economy and tremendous infrastructure needs.

US's new Africa policy will increase competition to fund infrastructure


Linking economic and security interests to investment will make more funds available.

Trump's New Africa Plan: Fewer US Troops and Aid, More Investment and Deals


To compete with China in Africa, the White House aims to encourage US investment but will continue a troop drawdown and plans a harsh re-evaluation of foreign assistance.

East Africa's investment policies hurting foreign inflows into region


East African countries’ increasing restrictions on foreign investments are being blamed for the decline in foreign inflows into the region.

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