ICA Members Meeting 28th - 29th November, 2012 Maputo, Mozambique

16 November 2012

Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) 
Members Meeting 2012

Maputo, Mozambique
28-29 November, 2012

United States Government
African Development Bank


The forthcoming meeting will follow-up on the ICA Annual and Members Meeting of June 2012 and afford Members the opportunity to review ICA’s progress in relation to the delivery of the ICA Strategic Business Plan (SBP) 2010-2012 which is oriented around three main pillars:

  1. Enhancing coordination amongst infrastructure stakeholders: to include both regional and national infrastructure investments, in addition to various sources of funding for infrastructure financing in Africa, such as G8 countries, China, India, Arab Funds and private sector investors.
  2. Facilitating regional infrastructure programmes: to promote knowledge and best practices, and to accelerate delivery of priority projects under regional programmes.
  3. Increasing knowledge and information on infrastructure in Africa: to help close the infrastructure gap by assisting stakeholders in making informed choices on necessary policy reforms and investments.

Under these three pillars, the November 2012 ICA Members’ Meeting will deliberate on the following topics:

Project Preparation Funds/Facilities (PPFs) Assessment Study Outcomes: The meeting will discuss the outcome of a comprehensive study undertaken by ICA at the request of G20 on PPFs for African infrastructure. Feedback on the study findings from the G20 DWG will also be shared. It is expected that Members and the African Stakeholders will develop a common understanding of the reports contents and agree on the next steps and key events/opportunities in 2013 to take forward the results of the study along with roles and responsibilities.

Review of ICA Strategic Business Plan 2010 – 2012: Members will review preliminary results of the ICA SBP review report assessing the achievements of the ICA with respect to the SBP and provide guidance on the way forward whilst setting the strategic direction for the ICA’s next business plan period.

Brokering for Regional Infrastructure Programmes and Projects: The meeting will discuss lessons learnt from delivering ICA championed programmes and identifying key metrics for monitoring future flows from private sector and emerging donors.

Enhanced Coordination: Members will be presented with the achievements of selected ICA activities in the Sector Platforms (Energy, Transport and Water) and dialogue on future platform activities and 2013 work programme will be facilitated and encouraged at the meeting.

ICA Management Report for 2012: This report which reviews and measures the progress of ICA activities in 2012 in relation to the SBP 2010-2012 will be presented and discussed with Members. The report will also highlight ICA’s key planned activities for 2013. The report and presentations will seek Members’ guidance on the implementation of ICA’s initiatives and overall mandate particularly on the subjects of ICA’s expansion from G8 to G20 and ICA’s role in the G20 MDBs Action Plan on infrastructure development.


ICA was launched at the G8 Gleneagles summit in 2005, with the mission to help improve the lives and economic well-being of Africans by supporting increased investment in infrastructure in Africa, from public and private sources.

ICA Members include the G8 governments (represented by their national development agencies), the World Bank Group, the African Development Bank Group, the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and Development Bank of Southern Africa. In addition, ICA recently decided to extend membership to all G20 countries.

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