Senegal River Basin Multi-purpose Water Resources Development Project–PID

Report - 2006

The pressing issues in the Senegal River Basin are to (i) optimize equitable uses of water during periods of water shortages and drought and provide improved access to safe water, (ii) restore favorable social and environmental conditions...

Institutional And Gender Dimensions Of Energy Service Provision For Empowering The Rural Poor In Uganda

Report - 2005

This case study examines how renewable energy service interventions at two sites in Uganda have contributed to the process of empowering women as well as addressing the different needs of women and men

WAPP APL 2 - Felou Regional Hydropower Project—PID

Report - 2005

This FY06 project (WAPP APL 2 – Félou Hydro-Electric Plant) will provide IDA credits through theGovernments of Mali, Mauritania and Senegal to the OMVS High Commission and the designatedOMVS-sponsored power asset holding entity - the...

West Africa Power Pool APL 1—PID

Report - 2005

PROJECT INFORMATION DOCUMENT (PID) APPRAISAL STAGE The 15 member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) occupy some five million square kilometers and are currently home to about 250 million people, which is projected to...

Energy Use to Reduce Poverty - Final Report for Phase 1: (R8020)

Technical Report - 2004

The project purpose is to advance the understanding of energy use by the poor by identifying potential linkages between energy and poverty, particularly in MDG and cross cutting areas.

Partnerships for access to community electricity (PACE) - Policy Guidelines

Manual - 2003

Funded by DFID, this document presents policy guidelines for communicty/rural electricity

Cooperation in the electricity sector is not a new phenomenon in the Southern African region. One of the first bilateral cooperative projects was the construction of a transmission line between Nseke in the Democratic Republic of Congo and...

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