SADC Project Preparation and Development Facility (PPDF)

Title SADC Project Preparation and Development Facility (PPDF)
E-mail, phone number and mailing address

Development Bank of Southern Africa
1258 Lever Road
Headway Hill
South Africa


Tel:  +27 11 313 3429

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Facility Objectives

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Project Preparation and Development Facility (PPDF) aims to assist SADC to address the implementation of the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan (RIDMP), which will promote and contribute to enhancing regional economic integration in the SADC Region.

The purpose of PPDF funding is to enhance sustainable economic growth and the delivery of key services affecting development in the SADC region, through addressing constraints to infrastructure development. The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) has been appointed by the SADC Secretariat as the implementation agent and fund manager for the PPDF.  While the DBSA has responsibility for the administration, management and disbursement of PPDF funds, all financing decisions are taken by the SADC PPDF Steering Committee.

Key activities
Broadly, the scope of activities covered by the PPDF include - enabling environment activities; pre-investment activities; studies; advisory services
Type of finance provided

Grants (A monetary contribution of a minimum of 5% of the total cost of the proposed preparatory activity needs to be from the project owner/sponsor; this amount will exclude any tax related implications)

Size of project supported

Projects of any size may be funded, though they must support regional infrastructure development to be eligible for PPDF funding.

Range of funding provided (min/max)

This will be decided on a project by project basis pending available funding.

Beneficiaries supported
  • Governments of SADC member states and their agencies;
  • Regional institutions promoted by governments of SADC member states;
  • Oceanic States projects;
  • A private sector applicant may not apply for funding under the PPDF. However, projects proposed by private sector organisations, and involving the participation of the public sector (Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) would be eligible for financing under the PPDF on the condition that the applicant has a letter of support from the respective government’s representative.

Project type

Proposed projects must support regional infrastructure development in the identified sectors, as per the Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan (RIDMP), and/or must be of regional significance in the SADC infrastructure sector plans. 

Project preparation phases supported

The activities eligible for financing under the PPDF are:

  • Service contracts to carry out:
  • Pre-feasibility studies;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Economic and financial analysis;
  • Detailed design; 
  • Preparation of tender dossiers for works and supervision contracts; and
  • Legal and Transaction Advisory Services.

Those taxes that can be reclaimed and refunded to the PPDF at financial close.

Meetings and conferences to:

  • Elicit stakeholder consensus on social and environmental impact mitigation on a project; and
  • Develop institutional arrangements for the implementation of the project and its subsequent operations.
Application process
  • All interested applicants should complete the online application form at ( and provide the required documentation and all relevant forms as requested. 
  • Only project applications submitted through the online application form will be accepted by the DBSA, the implementing agent for the SADC PPDF. 
  • An application guideline is available on the web site.
Eligibility exclusions
Each application will undergo a screening to assess suitability in terms of the PPDF objectives. The following criteria which must be met:
a) Sector or strategic fit: The project is within the priority sectors considered by the PPDF;
b) Development impact: The project improves the quality of life of citizens;
c) Regional priority: The highest decision-making authority is in support of the project and the project should be in the Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan of SADC;
d) Institutional capacity: The project should currently have capacity or should have credible plans to add capacity towards management and project implementation.
Countries Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe

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