Study scrutinises African Sub-Regional Development Banks’ contribution to infrastructure development

16 March 2016

A detailed study commissioned by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) scrutinises the current and past contribution of African Sub-regional Development Banks (SRDBs) to infrastructure development in Africa.

The Study Report on the Assessment of African sub-Regional Development Banks’ Contribution to Infrastructure Development concludes that, while African SRDBs are an appropriate means of funding infrastructure projects and supporting regional integration, their impact is limited by their modest size, strength and capacity.

The study makes a number of recommendations around issues such as their capital and financing, their role in supporting regional development and integration, their governance & institutional processes, and capacity building.

The study was designed primarily to provide answers to questions relating to the relevance of African SRDBs in bridging the infrastructure financing gap and the enhancement of these sub-regional banks, taking into account their strengths, challenges and the opportunities facing them.

The study looked at the rationale for establishing the institutions, their mandate, capital structure, portfolio analysis, their efficiency disbursing loans, the quality of their assets, and their funding models. The study also examined the strengths, opportunities and challenges facing the SRDBs.

To see and download the study, and to see other reports published by the ICA, please visit the ICA Publications.

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