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Burundi: Le démarrage du projet du complexe hydroélectrique prévu pour septembre prochain



Le démarrage du projet du complexe hydroélectrique de Bururi, dans le sud du Burundi, évalué à 266,67 millions de dollars américains, est prévu pour septembre prochain, a annoncé lundi à Bujumbura M. Côme Manirakiza,...

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Africa: Leveraging the Continent's Resources to Finance Vital Infrastructure - Kaberuka


All Africa

Donald Kaberuka has ambitious targets for his second and final five-year term as President of the African Development Bank. At the Bank's annual luncheon earl ier this month, he pinpointed security, peace, stability...

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Japan´s Leader Pledges Aid on Africa Tour


The New York Times by Martin Fackler

Japan´s prime minister finished a three-nation tour of Africa on Monday in which he offered aid and development projects potentially worth billions of dollars to help his nation catch up with...

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Global warming and energy - intertwined problems in Africa

13/01/2014 John Abraham

Kenya is training for tomorrow's technology leaders to deal with today's climate and energy problems.

Much of my work involves the design and installation of clean and rob ust energy sources in...

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Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013


The Wall Street Journal

"The best tribute we can pay Mandela is to continue his work," said Donald Kaberuka, president of the African Development Bank, in French.

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First family statement since Mandela's death: 'We have lost a great man, a son of the soil'


Associated Press

South Africa expects overwhelming crowds and a host of world leaders to attend services honouring late President Nelson Mandela, though with the ceremonies only days away officials acknowledged Saturday they...

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Mort de Nelson Mandela, l'Africain capital



Il disait qu'il n'était « ni un saint ni un prophète ». Il déplorait qu'on le présente comme « une sorte de demi-dieu ».

Il insistait sur ses « erreurs », ses « insuffisances », ses « impatiences ». Jusqu'au bout,...

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Nelson Mandela, une vie d'exception


Les Echos

Nelson Mandela, qui a passé dix-huit de ses 27 années de prison au bagne de Robben Island, au large du Cap, est devenu en 1994 le premier président noir du pays après l'abolition de l'apartheid et la tenue d'élections...

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Infrastructure in Africa: AfDB Group's Africa50 Fund partner of the BUILD Africa Forum on infrastructure in Africa


BizWire Express

The BUILD Africa forum is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the African Development Bank Group's Africa50 infrastructure fund.

Held under the High Patronage of Denis Sassou N'Guesso, President of...

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Underpinnings of Sustainable Growth in Africa


The African Executive

In May 2000, the Economist magazine labeled Africa the "Hopeless Continent," claiming that natural disasters, mass murders, a string of wars, institutional constraints and a lack of commitment to...

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For self sustainable Africa, we need direct investment



People need a good condition to do it by themselves. In our corrupt countries, with poor local political decision making killing our economies especially by careless government officials who don't know what's best for us...

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Les leçons de l'Afrique


Le Huffington Post

L'Afrique a beaucoup appris au Fonds mondial et à la communauté internationale au cours des dix dernières années. Les Africains ont acquis des connaissances vitales en matière d'épidémiologie qui leur...

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Empowering Africa's Entrepreneurs



Ashish Thakkar launched his first company - buying and reselling computers - when he was 15 years old.No, despite that boyish face, it that wasn´t last year - it was 1996, two years after he and his family fled the...

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Do Africans buy into the booming Africa narrative?



Despite all the praise for the continent's economic growth, the general population does not see positive prospects. The global banking giant Goldman Sachs's report on South Africa, released early November, was titled,...

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How the foreign aid industry demeans Africa


The Spectator (UK)

The Norwegian students' group which last year came out with the brilliant 'Africa for Norway' spoof video has again released a hilarious film lampooning the aid industry for the stereotypes they...

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Transform Africa Summit Ends with the Launch of Rwandapedia


All Africa

Over 300 guests attended Transform Africa Summit's Cultural Gala where Rwanda last week launched its digital archive of cultural and historical information called Rwandapedia to tell the story of the country from its...

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Geography Lesson: Just How Big is Africa?


Big Picture Agriculture

With a rapidly growing population, Africa faces water challenges in many of its countries, in both quantity and quality, and is expected to face more water difficulties with a changing climate. In...

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How Africa can lead in energy, other sectors, by UNECA chief


The Guardian

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations (UN) Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Mr. Carlos Lopes, has urged African ministers to be guided by a moral compass of ensuring the "greatest good for the...

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Uganda: Mobile money reducing tax revenue - URA 


Soure: The Observer by Alon Mwesigwa

Ask any top official at Uganda Revenue Authority about their feelings rega rding mobile money and chances are that you will find some who will describe the money transfer service as a...

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The Africa Information Highway Initiative: How information facilitates GDP growth


Source: PR Newswire

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is a major developmental partner in Africa that uses information to quantify annual progress and target its policies. Its Africa Information Highway (AIH) initiative...

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