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Africa's Economic Progress


The New York Times

A Sept. 3 column by Joe Nocera tries to contrast my views with those of Jeffrey D. Sachs ("Fighting Poverty, and Critics"), but I take issue with Mr. Nocera's characterization of the conclusions of...

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Africa: Resilience, Flexibility Key to African Climate Adaptation - Researchers



How climate change may affect farmers and food security in southern Africa depends on a range of crop, climate and economic models, which have been brought together in a new book designed to help policymakers...

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Mozambique: Government Looking for Funding for Mapai Dam


All Africa

Maputo - Mozambican President Armando Guebuza pledged on Saturday that the government will continue to seek funding for a dam at Mapai, in the southern province of Gaza, that will help control the flow of the Limpopo...

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Sadc pair sign one-stop-shop border accord


Business Day Live

VICTORIA FALLS - Zimbabwe and Zambia have signed a bilateral agreement that paves the way for the creation of a second one-stop-shop border post between the two countries at the Victoria Falls border post. A...

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Africa: Where Aid Work and the Private Sector Meet


All Africa

Nairobi - The private sector has long been a participant in global humanitarian work, providing cash and material donations. But private enterprises are increasingly becoming directly involved in relief work,...

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Poor infrastructure slowing investment


The Sunday Mail

In their numbers, they moved in and filled yawning vast tracts of lands previously controlled by a few former white farmers. On that land, they are doing well and production is on the rise. As a result of the...

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Africa50 Fund open by year-end


The Sunday Mail

A NEW fund to accelerate the building of infrastructure across Africa and reduce a current annual funding gap estimated at US$45 billion should be open for business by the end of this year, the president of the...

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Investors take note of Africa-specific funds


Business Day

The pessimists who called Africa "hopeless" could not have been more wrong. The biggest fund on the continent said last week while it still needed to think laterally to find opportunities due to the fairly...

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Gambia: Developing Irrigation for Enhanced Agricultural Production in Gambia


The Daily Observer (Banjul)

The Gambia's anti-hunger campaign recently got a major boost following a renewed commitment by the number one farmer, the president of the Republic, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr. Yahya Jammeh...

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Tanzania has better mobile reception than Henley. So is it time to invest in Africa?



Infrastructure is improving, violence is in decline, the demographics are excellent. Fund manager Caroline Shaw looks at the case for investing in Africa.

Britain's mobile phone signals are often patchy. I...

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Why Regional Integration Is Essential To Africa


Ventures Africa

Africa's growing economy can accommodate partnerships with developed and emerging economies. Yes, this is true. So many reports get published stating what this leader or that leader emphasises or says about...

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En RDC, le plus ancien parc naturel d'Afrique menacé par l'exploitation pétrolière



C'est le plus ancien parc naturel d'Afrique, celui qui recèle, aussi, la plus grande biodiversité : le parc national des Virunga, situé dans le nord-est de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC), est ...

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Billions committed to Africa


I-Net Bridge

The World Bank Group committed a record US$14.7 billion in fiscal year 2013 (July 2012 to June 2013) to support economic growth and better development prospects in Africa despite uncertain economic conditions in...

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Hello Africa? Investors Are Calling


The Wall Street Journal

The $1 billion financing for African mobile telecommunications infrastructure developer IHS Towers is yet another sign that global investors are warming up to investing on the continent again.


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Africa to grow 5.5% per annum, but risks remain



Africa is now the world's fastest growing continent in the world and is set to grow at more than 5.5% per annum for the foreseeable future, according to the latest report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group....

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Tunis capitale de l'infrastructure africaine


Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Présidente de la Commission de l'Union africaine (CUA), Carlos Lopes, Secrétaire exécutif de la Commission économique des Nations Unies pour l'Afrique (UNECA) et Donald Kaberuka, Président du Groupe de la...

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New BBC News series on Africa


The Witness

In a new BBC World News series, Rendezvous with Zeinab Badawi, presenter Zeinab Badawi meets leading African entrepreneurs, musicians, politicians and chief executive officers to ask the social, cultural, political,...

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China's 'soft power' bolsters Africa's new assertive diplomacy


Africa's leaders have become more assertive in global affairs than ever before. This assertiveness is impelled by China's meteoric rise as a global power, concreting the multi-polar world order. A recent survey...

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The world’s fastest-growing continent


Celebrations are in order on the poorest continent. Never in the half-century since it won independence from the colonial powers has Africa been in such good shape. Its economy is flourishing. Most countries are at...

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Why investors are into Africa


Independent Online (South Africa) - Increasingly, the case for investing in Africa is made on the basis that this “last frontier” is now in a strong position to develop, to urbanise its growing and relatively young population,...

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