Study addresses the water, agriculture and energy security “nexus” in Africa

7 septembre 2016

A major study has been published looking at how to address the water, agriculture and energy security “nexus” in Africa.

The “nexus” is the place where water, energy and agricultural security intersect. All rely on water infrastructure and the nexus can be used as a process for allocating resources to ensure water, energy and food security for Africa’s ever-growing population.

Commissioned by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa, the International Water Association (IWA) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), “Nexus trade-offs and strategies for addressing the water, agriculture and energy security nexus in Africa” provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities for multipurpose water infrastructure and outlines approaches for better integrating a multi-sectoral approach into infrastructure planning and development.

The full report and a summary version are available to view and download from the Knowledge and Publications section of the ICA website.

The report and the summary version (and, in due course, a French-language version) are also available on the Nexus website and through the Nexus blog.

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