The poor state of much of Africa’s transport network (roads, railways, airports and water transport) is holding many countries back from competing effectively on the global market.  A reliable African transport network is critical for moving goods and  accessing markets.  Unfortunately intra-African trade stands at less than 10% of all African GDP -- and Africa’s share of world trade is only 2%.

An early ICA-funded study identified four key challenges in Africa Transportation:

  • Poor linkages among transport modes in Africa cause long delays and raise costs in the movement of international freight.
  • Logistical services are in their infancy in Africa, and their development is impeded by a wide array of administrative, regulatory, and governance barriers.
  • Landlocked countries are the most affected by these issues – hence the growing movement toward regional collaboration to facilitate trade along key transport corridors.
  • Improving the efficiency of transport services calls for a liberalised transportation market that extends a greater role to the private sector.

(Source: AICD - Africa’s Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation

To improve the African trade statistics, and to bring much-needed roads, better airports and water transportation systems to Africa, there must be the political will to build, manage and maintain a sustainable transportation infrastructure in Africa. This is exactly where The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) adds value. Through our convening power, and in close coordination with PIDA, the ICA has been able to secure commitments to transformational transport infrastructure projects throughout Africa 

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