2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (“ICA”) has published its Infrastructure Financing Trends In Africa 2013 annual report, which finds that, for the second year running, there was a significant rise in total commitments for energy, transport, water and information and communications technology (ICT)

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In order to reach basic development standards for water, Africa needs U.S. $50 Billions dollars in annual investment. Currently less than U.S. $5 billion dollars per year is committed by ICA members to water projects in Africa.

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The program for infrastructure development in Africa (PIDA) has forecasted that between 2011 and 2040 energy demand in Africa will grow from 590 to 3,100 TWh.

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To import a 20 foot container in sub-Saharan Africa the average cost is $2,793 dollars and it takes about 38 days. By stark contrast to import a 20 foot container from the port to destination in Singapore the average cost is $440 dollars and it takes only 4 days.

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Welcome to ICA

The Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) helps improve the lives and economic well-being of Africa's people by promoting increased investment and development of infrastructure in Africa.

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Things you should know about Infrastructure in Africa

Most Africans own a mobile telephone – but they do not have access to electricity or clean water. What else do you need to know about Infrastructure in Africa?

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