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Africa: Euro-Africa Ties - Africa Should Be More Assertive


The Herald

Africa cannot remain submissive while the West rides roughshod over its social and cultural heritage. Where is the independence then when a cabal of Western nations wantonly impose their will on Africa? The Af rican...

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L´insécurité du transport aérien en Afrique subsaharienne



Il est important que les États africains revoient concrètement leurs conditions de sécurité aérienne. L´Afrique subsaharienne est à la traîne derrière toutes les autres régions du monde en ce qui concerne le volume...

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Impact of climate change needs addresing - Monde


The Post (Zambia) by Chambwa Moonga

AGRICULTURE deputy minister Greyford Monde says there is need to deal with impacts of climate change if the agriculture sector is to improve. And African Development Bank representative, Gbeli...

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Zambia: Climate Change to Cost Zambia U.S.$53 Million in Next Five Years - AfDB


Times of Zambia by Kennedy Mupeseni

CLIMATE change will cost Zambia US$53 million in the next five years if measures are not put in place to minimise the impact, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has said. 


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Africa's Emerging Market Boom



These days, the mere mention of emerging markets is probably enough to make investment bankers break out in a cold sweat. Recent darlings of the investment world-India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia and others-have...

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Pour les infrastructures en Afrique centrale, le FMI recommande les montages PPP


Agence Ecofin A en croire Anne-Marie Gulde Wolf, la directrice adjointe du département Afrique du FMI, qui prend part à une conférence sur le développement des infrastructures en Afrique centrale, à Yaoundé ce 11 mars 2014,...

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Mozambique: 44 millions $ de l´AFD pour la réhabilitation des pistes de l´aéroport de Maputo


Agence Ecofin L´Agence française de développement (AFD) vient d´accorder au gouvernement mozambicain un prêt bonifié de 44 millions de dollars destiné à financer la réhabilitation des pistes de l'aéroport international de...

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AFC To Tackle Africa´s Infrastructure & Investment Deficit


Spy Ghana by Prosper Agbenyega

The Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)  an African-led multilateral development financial institution whose mission is to improve African economies by proactively developing and financing...

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AFRICA INVESTMENT - Cash-rich African private equity still on a learning curve



Kenyan entrepreneur Ayisi Makatiani scrapped his first effort to launch a private equity fund 10 years ago because his pitch to invest in Africa couldn't raise enough cash to make it work.

Fast forward a decade...

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Development in Africa: How to make it last


The Economist

EVERY boom has its boosters and detractors. So it is with sub-Saharan Africa's economic advance in the past 15 years. GDP across the region has risen by an average 5.1% a year. The IMF forecasts further growth of...

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AfDB's Board to share perspectives on issues to influence Africa's transformation


Daily The Pak Banker

The Board of Director of the African Development Bank is holding its retreat in Tunis, and will focus on Transformation through the private sector - Effective partnership and assistance to Africa's private...

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Multinationals need to 'work around' Africa's challenges, says DHL boss


How we made it in Africa

There is general consensus that Africa is moving forward, and slowly but surely shaking off its image as a continent plagued by war, extreme poverty and poor governance. While this may be true, many...

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Mauritanie: 625 millions € de financements arabes pour l'agriculture, la pêche et les infrastructures


Agence Ecofin

La Mauritanie a signé avec plusieurs investisseurs arabes cinq conventions pour des financements totalisant 625 millions d'euros destinés notamment aux secteurs de l'agriculture, de la pêche et des infrastructures,...

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Financial Sector Can Help Bolster Africa's Economy, Panelists Say


The New York Times

One of the stated aims of this year's World Economic Forum is inclusion. A panel discussion on Africa's future, one that included two sitting presidents from that continent, did its best to emphasize that...

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Africa is not a country


There are 54 states on the continent, yet the media insists on referring to it as one place. A new app identifies the culprits.

Many public figures and journalists have no problem describing someone from Botswana...

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U.S. pushes for outside oversight of World Bank, opposes push toward 'big hydro'


The Washington Post

The United States is demanding stricter oversight of World Bank projects amid concern that the bank has slipped in how closely it guards against violence, forced resettlement and other conflict associated...

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Donors pledge $496 million for Central African Republic



The European Union and the United Nations are looking to balance short-term security and "stabilisation" measures with immediate humanitarian aid, pledging along with other donors half a billion dollars to...

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Africa: Power Africa Draws New Investment to Region


United States Department of State (Washington, DC)

The U.S. initiative that aims to double access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa has drawn new investments to the fast-growing region, according to representatives of three...

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Burundi: Le démarrage du projet du complexe hydroélectrique prévu pour septembre prochain



Le démarrage du projet du complexe hydroélectrique de Bururi, dans le sud du Burundi, évalué à 266,67 millions de dollars américains, est prévu pour septembre prochain, a annoncé lundi à Bujumbura M. Côme Manirakiza,...

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Africa: Leveraging the Continent's Resources to Finance Vital Infrastructure - Kaberuka


All Africa

Donald Kaberuka has ambitious targets for his second and final five-year term as President of the African Development Bank. At the Bank's annual luncheon earl ier this month, he pinpointed security, peace, stability...

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