ICA Water Platform Results and Impact

The ICA Water Platform has had a profound and meaningful impact on resource mobilization for sustainable water projects in Africa. A good example of this positive impact is The Lake Victoria Basin Commission.

Lake Victoria Basin Commission

The ICA Water Platform worked very closely with The Lake Victoria Basin Commission to develop 22 project ideas – referred to as concept notes. These concept notes articulated and defined much-needed projects for the Lake Victoria Basin. The ICA Water Platform then went on to work with The Government of Sweden to sponsor a donors conference in Entebbe, Uganda. At this conference donors from all across the world, as well as representatives from the private sector got together to review the concepts and agree on funding. The ICA Water Platform representative, along with other colleagues from the ICA Secretariat worked actively on match-making activities, interviews with the press and follow-up activities. The results of this conference were tremendous. As a direct result of the ICA –through the specific initiatives of the ICA Water Platform, The Lake Victoria Basin Commission has funding to begin almost all of their projects – and most importantly, they have formed meaningful relationships with these donors and are working in partnership – to preserve and protect the cultural and environmental resources of The Lake Victoria Basin.

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