ICA Water Platform & Goals

ICA Water Platform

The ICA Strategic Business Plan (2010-2012) encouraged greater involvement of ICA members in sector-related activities. It proposed ‘sector ownership’, whereby an ICA member could champion assignments and provide leadership, benefitting from ICA’s 'convening power' and base within an African institution.

Accordingly, the ICA Water Platform was established in 2011 and is championed by Germany - which provides generous financial support as well as an infrastructure expert to supervise the implementation of ICA Water Platform activities.

ICA’s Water Platform is a pro-active, results-oriented initiative that encompasses all aspects of water infrastructure development in Africa -- everything from water provision (potable water supply, sanitation & irrigation) to water resource management (storage & dams) to non-revenue water investment strategies to climate change adaptation measures.

The ICA Water Platform facilitates active cooperation and matchmaking between ICA Members, key African stakeholders and the private sector, including regular dialogue leading to joint investment activities.

The ICA Water Platform Goals & Objectives

To scale-up financing for sustainable water infrastructure in Africa from public, private and public-private sources.

  • To identify and facilitate bankable water-related projects, with a focus on regional projects.
  • To facilitate dialogue on financing between African stakeholders, development partners and the private sector to promote best practices, remove bottlenecks and facilitate regional Water Infrastructure Programs and member initiatives.
  • To facilitate greater co-operation (in alignment with African priorities, e.g. African Water Vision 2025, Sharm-El Sheik Declaration) among ICA members, relevant initiatives and partnerships, and other important sources of water infrastructure finance, via regular ICA Water Platform meetings, support of the African Ministerial Council on Water work plan and matchmaking activities.

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