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Using road works to enhance community water supplies in Mozambique

Report - 2011

Access to water supply is poor in rural Mozambique particularly in the dry season. Efforts are being made by the Government of Mozambique to increase access to water supply in the rural areas. At the same time, the government is also striving...

Sharing the water, sharing the benefits: Lessons from six large dams in West Africa

Research paper - 2011

Case Study of Six Large Dams in West Africa

African Infrastructure Intelligence Report

Report - 2011

The ICA has partnered with leading financial information group PEI to produce the African Infrastructure Intelligence Report. The report provides an objective and substantive overview of Africa's infrastructure needs, giving those engaged in...

Senegal River Basin Multi-purpose Water Resources Development Project–PID

Report - 2006

The pressing issues in the Senegal River Basin are to (i) optimize equitable uses of water during periods of water shortages and drought and provide improved access to safe water, (ii) restore favorable social and environmental conditions...