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Diffusion of ICTs in Selected Ghanaian Schools


The use of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) in Ghanaian schools and African countries is generally increasing and dramatically growing (Tella & Adeyinka, 2007). However, while there is a great deal of knowledge about how ICTs are being diffused and used in high schools in developed countries, there is not much information on how ICTs are being diffused and used by teachers in Ghanaian schools. There is also an assumption that there are wide gaps in the use of ICTs between rural and urban schools (Aduwa-Ogiegbaen & Iyamu, 2005).

The purpose of the study explores the state of ICT integration of educational system in Ghana. The emphasis was on how ICTs are currently being used in the education sector in Ghana, what is actually happening on the ground, what are the strategies and policies related to the use of ICTs? What are the common challenges or constraints faced by Ghana schools in the area of Ohio University Diffusion if ICTs In Education 4 ICT integration in schools? Finally the study put forth suggestions for possible ways forward in terms of ICT diffusion in schools. For the purpose of this paper, the focus was on Junior and Senior high schools in Ghana.

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