Water Facts

Supporting regional institutions in resource mobilization

A good example of an ICA water activity is the assistance it has provided to the Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC). The ICA helped LVBC develop twenty two project concepts notes. In June of 2013 these project concepts were presented at the ICA sponsored LVBC Donors Conference in Entebbe. The ICA facilitated the presentation of these project concepts to various donors. This assistance has helped deepen a dialogue and foment real partnerships between the LVBC and the international donor community at large – resulting in many firm commitments to finance most of the twenty two projects.

The ICA is currently in discussion with further River Basin Organisations (RBO) in order to support their efforts to identify or prioritise investment opportunities and help mobilise financing from public and private partner sources to close the gap on regional investment programs. Requests of interested RBOs can be sent to i.martin@afdb.org.

Facilitating project preparation for climate resilient water projects

The ICA Water Platform is supporting the Global Water Partnership (GWP) in their efforts to implement the Water Climate and Development Program (WACDEP) of AMCOW (African Ministers Council on Water). The WACDEP has been created to support the integration of water security and climate change adaptation into development planning processes and the design of financing and investment strategies. The ICA assists in facilitating project preparation and resource mobilization for identified climate resilient projects in 9 countries and 4 Basins.

The first phase of the WACDEP is coming to an end and ICA is in discussions with GWP on the continuation of their collaboration within the WACDEP.

Identification of investment possibilities: water loss reduction

In parts of Africa physical infrastructure issues such as old and leaking pipes, and operational issues such as lack of metering, poor billing and collection procedures as well as illegal water connections represent a loss of revenue for the utility. This is referred to as non-revenue water (NRW). Reducing the non-revenue water ratio would not only bring more clean water to consumers – but it would also increase financial sustain- ability of utilities.

In an effort to identify non-revenue water reduction investment possibilities and develop innovative and adequate financing structures, the KfW and ICA contracted a team of consultants for fact finding and recommendations for the Eastern African Region (Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya). The recommendations included identification of eligible water utilities and a framework for introducing NRW programs. The results were presented to ICA members for follow up and implementation at the annual meeting in 2013.

Financial support of water infrastructure projects by ica members

During 2013, ICA members committed $5bn to water projects in Africa. In total, during 2013, sub-Saharan African projects received just over $4bn. Of these regions, West Africa and Central Africa received the most funding for water projects, benefitting from $1.5bn and $1.1bn respectively, while East Africa had $814m of commitments and Southern Africa, including the Republic of South Africa, received $621m. North African projects received almost $1bn in commitments, equivalent to around 20% of overall commitments to water projects.

For specific information about the ICA Water Platform please email: icasecretariat.org

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