Airports & Air Transport

  • Africa has seen strong growth in air traffic in recent years, but regional disparities are great.
  • Africa’s air transport industry is dominated by three large, efficient airlines, with a fringe of small, financially precarious national flag carriers.
  • A poor safety record-largely attributable to poor safety standards and lax supervision-is the largest challenge facing the air transport industry in Africa today.
  • The air transport market has been liberalized, particularly in West Africa, but full competition is still some distance away, particularly in southern Africa.
  • Airport runways and terminal capacity are generally adequate, but air traffic control and surveillance facilities need substantial improvement.

Air transport has grown strongly in Africa in the recent years and air cargo is becoming integral to export trade. However, regional disparities remain. Air transport in Africa is expensive. Landing charges are high due to the absence of support from concessions enjoyed in many parts of the world. Operating costs have soared with increasing fuel prices, resulting in shriveling of air connections in many countries. Air traffic controls need serious upgrading to improve the baleful track record. Strengthening regulatory oversight and achieving full liberalization are imminent policy measures that need to be addressed.

(Source: AICD)

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