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ICT Investment Picture – Latest Figures from 2012

During 2012, ICA members reported just $182m in commitments to ICT projects in Africa. North Africa received most of those commitments ($55m) followed closely by Eastern Africa ($53m), and the Republic of South Africa ($37m).

Central Africa received just $15m in investments – which shadows the meagre $4m and $2m in commitments that went to Southern and Western Africa.

In 2012 only four ICA members made ICT hard infrastructure commitments – with The World Bank providing a total of $91m – and much smaller amounts coming from DBSA, the United Kingdom and The U.S.

The ICA does not currently have an Information and Communications Technology champion or an ICT Platform, however in 2012 the ICA Secretariat reached out to several private sector organizations as well as a potential G20 partner to discuss the possibility of championing this critical infrastructure area.

ICT Data

The ICA funded the African Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (AICD), a comprehensive World Bank study to assess the magnitude of Africa’s infrastructure needs. The 2009 AICD Flagship report Africa's Infrastructure: A Time for Transformation revealed many important ICT challenges for Africa.  This Flagship study and all the knowledge tools associated with it provided the platform for the AIKP, (African Infrastructure Knowledge Programme) an African Development Bank managed initiative that aims to build on the work of the AICD by collecting relevant statistics about infrastructure in Africa. 

Source: ICA. For more detailed information and the latest figures on ICT in Africa, consult the 2012 Annual Report, Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa 

For more information about specific ICT activities in Africa, please visit ICA News/ICT

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