Financing trends 2015 – ICA members

In 2015, ICA members reported infrastructure financing commitments of $19.8bn. This is 5.4% or $1bn more than the $18.8bn reported in 2014, though it includes additional data from the US (Power Africa, $307m) and the UK (CDC, $139m).

Excluding the exceptional $7bn contribution from the US towards Power Africa in 2013, total commitments have remained consistent over the four years to 2015, ranging from $18.3bn to $19.8bn.

Disbursements by ICA members totalled $12.6bn, a small decline of 2.6% compared with the $13bn reported in 2014. As with commitments, however, disbursements have also remained reasonably consistent over the four years to 2015, averaging around US$12.5 bn.

Although they can never be compared directly, the gap between commitments and disbursements is partly due to how information about contributions to funds is collated. While commitments by ICA members to such funds are reported, disbursements tend not to be under current data collection methodology. Other reasons for the gap include project delays and withdrawal of commitments.

Figure 18: ICA members' 2015 commitments by sector

Figure 19: ICA members' 2015 commitments by region

Commitments by ICA members to the transport sector in 2015 were up very substantially to $6.8bn, or 88% over those reported in 2014. Commitments of $3.2bn to the water sector and $8.6bn to energy were both 6% down on those reported in 2014. Commitments to ICT increased by 22% to $616m but multi-sector commitments declined by 71% to $634m.

Commitments by ICA members to East Africa increased by 136% to $4.7bn. Allocations to West Africa increased by 17% to $4bn while commitments to Southern Africa (excluding the Republic of South Africa) fell by 10% to $1.8bn. ICA members’ commitments to North Africa declined by 19% to $4bn while commitments to Central Africa also witnessed a decline, by 65% to just $1.3bn. Commitments to the Republic of South Africa rose by 16% to $1.7bn.

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