ICA Energy Platform & Results

ICA Energy Platform

ICA members (from G8 and G20 countries) can ‘champion’ certain sectors – and thereby provide strategic sector leadership and mobilize resources for energy projects in Africa. With this in mind, The USA is the ICA Energy Sector leader. Accordingly, the ICA Energy Platform was established in 2011.

ICA’s Energy Platform is focused on all aspects of energy – with a strong focus on renewable energy.

ICA Energy Platform Results and Impact

The ICA Water Platform has had a profound and meaningful impact on resource mobilization for sustainable energy projects in Africa. A good example of this positive impact is POWER AFRICA.

Power Africa

In his speech at the Business Leaders Forum on July 1st 2013, in Dar es Salam, United States President Barak Obama thanked the African Development Bank (where the ICA is housed) for its partnership in rolling out a massive initiative to bring power to Africa. The initiative is called POWER AFRICA – and it is a new five year United States Presidential Initiative aimed at supporting economic growth and development by increasing access to reliable, affordable and sustainable power in Africa.

POWER AFRICA is designed as a multi-stakeholder partnership among the governments of The United States of America, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia, the U.S. and African private sector, and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

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