Integrated Water Resource Management

Water-Speading Wiers for the Development of Degraded Dry River Valleys - Experience from the Sahel

Report - 2012

The present study is an outcome of a joint KfW and GIZ initiative that has been implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development /(BMZ). Its purpose is to describe the new approach involving the...

Toward a Joint Management of Transboundary Aquifer Systems

Study/Research - 2011

Today, over 270 transboundary aquifer systems have been identified worldwide,[ 1 ] but very few are the target of projects aiming at a better mutual management or, where this question is raised, only cover certain aspects. For instance,...

Using road works to enhance community water supplies in Mozambique

Report - 2011

Access to water supply is poor in rural Mozambique particularly in the dry season. Efforts are being made by the Government of Mozambique to increase access to water supply in the rural areas. At the same time, the government is also striving...

Sharing the water, sharing the benefits: Lessons from six large dams in West Africa

Research paper - 2011

Case Study of Six Large Dams in West Africa

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project—PID

Report - 2011

APL2 of LVEMP II is part of a regional project involving five EAC Partner States. The higher development objective of the LVEMP II is to contribute to the East African Community (EAC) Vision and Strategy Framework for Management and Development of...

Water and Development - Taking Lessons from Evaluation - Summary of Discussions at 2011 Berlin Conference

Report - 2011

The overarching goal of evaluators is to strengthen the work of their institutions by facilitating accountability and lesson learning. Taken together, these permit evaluation results to enhance local processes of social and economic...

African Infrastructure Intelligence Report

Report - 2011

The ICA has partnered with leading financial information group PEI to produce the African Infrastructure Intelligence Report. The report provides an objective and substantive overview of Africa's infrastructure needs, giving those engaged in...

Guidelines for Water Loss Management - Focus on Pressure Management

Guidelines - 2011

One of the major objectives of these guidelines is to reduce water loss by improving the management of existing water supply networks, with a special focus on the method of pressure management. The guidelines have been prepared within a development...

Evaluation of Current and Future Water Resources Development in the Lake Tana Basin-Ethiopia

Research Report - 2010

IWMI Research Report - 134

The Zambezi River Basin A Multi-Sector Investment Opportunities Analysis

Report - 2010

The Zambezi River Basin (ZRB) is one of the most diverse and valuable natural resources in Africa. Its waters are critical to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in the region. In addition to meeting the basic needs...