Nexus Report


Nexus trade-offs and strategies for addressing the water, agriculture and energy security nexus in Africa


Report - 2015

Within context of the significant resource mobilization effort required for PIDA-PAP and in aligned with its mandate of resource mobilization for infrastructure development in Africa, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA)

Construction Trends in Africa

Report - 2015

This is the third edition of our annual Deloitte African Construction Trends report. Our report this year highlights how capital intensive infrastructure development is progressing on the continent. We also track project updates and flag trends that...

Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa - 2013 Report


This annual publication of the ICA, provides a comprehensive easy-to-read  review and description of the infrastructure financing trends in Africa.  It provides specific information on the volume...

Effective Project Preparation for Africa's Infrastructure Development

Concept Paper - For Discussion at 10th ICA Annual Meeting - 2014

The lack of a strong pipeline of well-prepared, bankable projects has been widely recognized as one of the key constraints to infrastructure development in Africa. ‘Project preparation’ is a process which comprises the entire set of...

Resource Financed Infrastructure - A new form of Financing Infrastructure

Report - 2014

This report, consisting of a study prepared by global project finance specialists Hunton & Williams LLP and comments from six internationally reputed economists and policy makers, provides an analytical discussion of resource financed...

Southern Africa has significant water security challenges set to worsen under climate change. Regional cooperation is key to overcoming water insecurity, with the UK assisting as a large donor in this sector. National water efficiency and water...

International Law - Facilitating Trans-boundary Water Cooperation | Background Paper No. 17 (2013)

Paper - 2013

In a period where public financial resources are particularly limited, how do we prioritize investments in water security? Which aspects are most critical for enabling growth?  What are the most significant investments needed to increase water...

Partnership for Sustainable Development Report

Report - 2013

This report has been prepared by SIWI as input into the 2013 World Water Week and its’special focus on Water Cooperation  - Building Partnerships.  Authors:  Jӓgerskog, A., Clausen,T.J., Lexén, K.,and...

Tapping the market - Opportunities for domestic investments in sanitation for the poor

Report - 2013

This study highlights the opportunities for domestic investment in sanitation for the poor and makes a case for private sector participation