ICT Policy

Case Studies and Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation

What are the Key Lessons for ICT4D Parnerships for Poverty Reduction

Report - 2011

The main aim of this report is to summarise the evidence available on the effects of ICT4D partnerships on poverty reduction. The research question: “What are the key lessons of ICT4D partnerships for poverty reduction?” guided the review. A further...

Central African Backbone- APL3-CITCG

Report - 2011

Project Appraisal Stage PID - Republic of Congo

African Infrastructure Intelligence Report

Report - 2011

The ICA has partnered with leading financial information group PEI to produce the African Infrastructure Intelligence Report. The report provides an objective and substantive overview of Africa's infrastructure needs, giving those engaged in...

West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Project - APL- 1B—PID

Report - 2011

Project Concept Stage PID - The Gambia, Guinea and Burkina Faso

West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program—PID

Report - 2010

Appraisal Stage PID - Liberia and Sierra Leone

Central African Backbone - APL2—PID

Report - 2010

Appraisal Stage PID for Sao Tome and Principe

Research Productivity Visibility Accessibility and Scholarly Communication in Southern African Universities

Journal Article - 2009

The project for the revitalisation of Southern Africa’s higher education sector is dependent on, among other things, the capacity of the region’s universities to produce research, to communicate that research to a broad public audience and to use...

ICTs for Democracy

Research Paper - 2009

Information and Communication Technologies for the Enhancement of Democracy – with a Focus on Empowerment

Radio Convergence and Development in Africa

Research Paper - 2009

Paper submitted to International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Carleton University Roundtable Discussion on a Research Agenda, Sep 10-13, Butare, Rwanda