Energy Policy

The Power of the Mine - A Transformative Opportunity for Sub Saharan Africa


A Potential Game Changer for Sub-Saharan Africa Africa is blessed with energy resources yet they go largely untapped. As a result, only one in three Africans has access to energy, which stymies economic growth on the continent and seriously limits...

From Bottom Up-How Small Power Producers and MiniGrids Can Deliver Electrification and Renewable Energy in Africa

Guide - 2014

This guide was written for the Africa Electrification Initiative (AEI). The objective of the AEI program is to create and sustain a living body of practical knowledge and to establish an active network of Sub-Saharan African practitioners who work...


Report - 2011

Project Development Objectives PDO is to reduce cost of and improve security of electricity supply to Burkina Fasowhile increasing Ghana’s electricity export capability. Project Components are Component 1: 225 kV Transmission Line between...

African Infrastructure Intelligence Report

Report - 2011

The ICA has partnered with leading financial information group PEI to produce the African Infrastructure Intelligence Report. The report provides an objective and substantive overview of Africa's infrastructure needs, giving those engaged in...

Regional and Domestic Power Markets Development Project (Southern Africa Power Markets Program APL1-b) SIL—PID

Report - 2007

The development objectives of the Project are (a) to increase domestic consumption, notably in Kinshasa,and exports to the SAPP; and (b) improve the efficiency of SNEL.The Project consists of five components as follows:Component 1: Generation...


Report - 2006

The developmental objective of the Coastal Transmission Backbone Project of the WAPPAPL (WAPP APL 1) is to increase access of national power systems of Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo,Benin and Nigeria (collectively, the WAPP “Zone A” coastal...

Institutional And Gender Dimensions Of Energy Service Provision For Empowering The Rural Poor In Uganda

Report - 2005

This case study examines how renewable energy service interventions at two sites in Uganda have contributed to the process of empowering women as well as addressing the different needs of women and men

WAPP APL 2 - Felou Regional Hydropower Project—PID

Report - 2005

This FY06 project (WAPP APL 2 – Félou Hydro-Electric Plant) will provide IDA credits through theGovernments of Mali, Mauritania and Senegal to the OMVS High Commission and the designatedOMVS-sponsored power asset holding entity - the...