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West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Project - APL- 1B—PID


This is the second phase (APL 1-B) of the West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP) to support the connectivity of The Gambia and Guinea (coastal countries). While Burkina Faso was slated to be included in APL 2 of the program (for landlocked countries), the country has expressed its readiness to be included in this phase. For this reason, Burkina Faso has also been included in APL 1-B. The three countries face significant connectivity problems. While coastal, The Gambia and Guinea are among a few countries in West Africa without access to International infrastructure. Burkina as a landlocked country suffers equally from indirect access to international infrastructure. WARCIP seeks to contribute to increasing the geographical reach of broadband networks and reducing costs of communications services in West Africa. APL 1-A focused on Liberia and Sierra Leone. APL 1-B includes lessons learned in the preparation of the APL 1-A phase in a number of areas including, payment mechanisms for membership fees for the ACE submarine cable for The Gambia and Guinea, safeguard issues related to landing stations, and public private partnership (PPP) structures.

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Categories: ICT, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Guinea

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