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West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program—PID


As part of its effort to promote regional co-operation and integration, and to create a unified economic
space, ECOWAS member states have long committed to the development of a sustainable regional West African telecommunications market. The Information and Communications Technology sector is given a priority with the hope that greater economic growth and development could be fostered through affordable, reliable and seamless regional communications (voice and data services). Considerable developments have been recorded in the last few years in terms of policy and regulatory reform of the ICT sector of ECOWAS Member States, resulting in improved access in the sub region. Despite improvements, the ECOWAS region still lags behind the rest of the World in terms of access and price as well as in terms of readiness of the different countries for advanced ICT enabled applications. In addition, the goal of creating a fully integrated telecom market in the sub-region remains to be achieved.

The program seeks to contribute to increasing the geographical reach of broadband networks and reducing the costs of communications services in West Africa. The ultimate objective of the program is to reduce fragmentation of West Africa region’s economies and support ECOWAS Members to create a more unified regional economic space. In order to reach this objective, the project proposes an integrated approach focusing on improved connectivity in the region which addresses the missing infrastructure links, commercialization of excess capacity, creation of an enabling environment and institutional strengthening to remove existing bottlenecks for private sector participation

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Categories: ICT, Liberia, Sierra Leone

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