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Targeted interventions on low volume rural roads in Mozambique. Design Report

DFID-Transport Research Laboratory

This report covers the design stage of the RRIP/AFCAP Project Phase 3. This project follows on from the execution of Phase 2 where several sites were designed by TRL in collaboration with the provincial consultants and built mostly by local contractors. Most of the works were carried out successfully and this led to the commissioning of Phase 3.

The designs for the Phase 2 projects were based on the development of sustainable designs and construction techniques to resolve passability problems experienced on some important rural roads. The project therefore focussed not only on providing all weather access but also on research and development. A number  of design solutions were trialled but, due to the limited scope of the project, some design options that were proposed were not included. Phase 3 provided the opportunity to design and trial some of these other possible options.

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Categories: Transport, Mozambique

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