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Beit Bridge Border Post

Trade Mark Southern Africa-SADC-EAC-COMESA

The border post at Beit Bridge is an extremely important border on the North South Corridor, with significant numbers of trucks and passenger vehicles going to and from the South African ports and, to a lesser extent, Maputo, and countries to the north such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, DR Congo and Malawi. There are also instances in which the land route to the north, into Tanzania and even into Sudan, has been used in preference to the sea route. It is a border post that experiences extreme forms of traffic congestion at peak periods.

Beit Bridge was identified by the Tripartite as the main border post to work on, in terms of alleviating congestion, after Chirundu and, as such, a stakeholders’ workshop was convened at Beit Bridge in May 2009. This stakeholders’ workshop was attended by participants from South Africa and Zimbabwe, including border post management agencies, private sector representatives, the SADC Secretariat and the project sponsor and technical partner, the Regional Trade Facilitation Programme (RTFP) which as the successor programme to TradeMark Southern Africa (TMSA). The workshop deliberated on the key problems the border post was facing and emphasised the need to improve service delivery with a view to reduce transaction costs in term of delayed clearance and provision of other services and developed the Beit Bridge Efficiency Management System (BBEMS).

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