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AICD: Underpowered: The State of the Power Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa


Sub-Saharan Africa is in the midst of a power crisis marked by insufficient generating capacity,
unreliable supplies, high prices, and low rates of popular access to the electricity grid. The region’s
capacity for generating power is lower than that of any other world region, and growth in that
capacity has stagnated. The average price of power in Sub-Saharan Africa is double that of other
developing regions, but supply is unreliable. Because new household connections in many countries are
not keeping up with population growth, the electrification rate, already low, is actually declining.
The manifestations of the current crisis are symptoms of deeper problems that are explored in this
study of power sector institutions in 24 countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, which draws extensively on a
new body of research undertaken as part of the multi-donor Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic

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