Urban Water and Sanitation Poverty in Tanzania

Report - 2011

Urban Water and Sanitation Poverty in Tanzania is striking. Recent data suggests that 74% of the urban population in Tanzania’s nineteen regional cities and Dar es Salaam lives in so called Low-Income Areas (LIAs). Only an estimated 23% of those...

La coopération française dans le secteur forestier du Bassin du Congo sur la période 1990-2010 Note de cadrage

Study/Research - 2010

Le service Evaluation de l’Agence Française de Développement (AFD) a lancé en mai 2010 une étude de capitalization sur l’intervention de l’Agence dans le secteur forestier du Bassin du Congo sur la période 1990-2010. Réalisée  par des...

Developing quantitative aquifer maps for Africa

Report - 2010

In 2010 the Department for International Development (DFID) commissioned a BGS-led team to undertake a one-year study aimed to improve understanding of the resilience of African groundwater to climate change and links to livelihoods. As part of this...

Joining up Africa Support to Regional Integration

Discussion paper - 2010

Study Findings for Improving Donor Support to Regional Integration Africa

2010 ICA Annual Report & Annual Report Overview

Annual Report - 2010

The Annual Report analyses the commitments and disbursement to infrastructure in Africa for 2010 by ICA Members and other sources of finance – also by sectoral and regional distribution. In 2010 total external commitments have again increased...

Pan African Water Sector Monitoring and Assessment (Volumes 1 & 2)

Report & Assessment Template - 2010

Volume 1: Main report This publication represents a condensed version of the Pan African M&E Assessment’s final report. Volume 2: Rapid Monitoring & Evaluation Assessment Template This publication...

Water - Essential for Life - DEG KFW Cooperation with Developing Countries

Brochure - 2010

Water is a fundamental element of life. If there is too little of it or – in the case of floods – far too much, if the supply is erratic or if it is contaminated with toxic substances, then it affects all areas of life. Today, more than 50 nations...

Instruments to Finance Climate Protection and Adaptation Investments in Developing Countries

Report - 2010

The financing of climate-relevant investments in developing and industrializing countries has become an important element of development cooperation (DC). As global efforts are made to mitigate climate change and its consequences, substantial...

PPP - One Option to Improve Water Supply and Sanitation

Position Paper - 2010

This paper summarises the experiences of German FC with public-private partnerships in the water sector. It demonstrates that PPPs are one of several possible approaches to improving water supply and sanitation in developing countries. For a PPP to...

The Zambezi River Basin A Multi-Sector Investment Opportunities Analysis

Report - 2010

The Zambezi River Basin (ZRB) is one of the most diverse and valuable natural resources in Africa. Its waters are critical to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in the region. In addition to meeting the basic needs of some 30 million...

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